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Вышел релиз TurboGears

Main new features:

* This release is the first one that supports Python 2.5.
* Validators now support localized error messages.

To upgrade your install:

easy_install -U TurboGears


1.0.2 (May 2, 2007):


* New ``visit.cookie.secure``config option to send cookie only over a
secure connection.
#1375 by James E. Blair.
* ``cherrypy.request`` is now available at the variables sent to
every template.
#1362 by Christoph Zwerschke.
* SA transaction object is now stored at
``cherrypy.request.sa_transaction`` so it
can be accessed from the controllers. Patch at #1359 by Janzert.
* SecureResource now raises an AttributeError when no require
attribute is
present in the controller class or in the config file. Closes #1336.
(Note: This might break some “broken” apps, fortunately a detailed
is raised advising how to fix it).
* slight quickstart css modification for tables
* Add default css to highlight the validation error
* make ‘flash’ block dynamic in quickstart
* session setting is moved to config/app.cfg
* command/toolbox info could list the toolbox plugins
* Enhancement SQLAlchemy default model, use ‘assign’ to avoid
repeatedly writing, thanks cito
* Able to specify a default doctype in genshi, thanks Alastair Houghton


* Validators now support localized error messages. Thanks to Gregor
Horvath and updated patch
at #1136 by Christian Vogler.
* Python 2.5 compatible, Thanks to Florent Aide and Fred Lin #1288
* AutoCompleteField now accepts a take_focus parameter to focus on
load. Thanks to Grover at #1332


* Fixed support for SA in paginate. #1360 by Jo Soares.
* Schemas are no longer deepcopied to prevent crashing on un-deep-
copiable validators. #1333.
* Fixed bug in tg-admin that caused it not to operate properly on
projects deployed as eggs. Patch
from #1361 by Christoph Zwerschke.
* SA auto-commiting fixed in some rare circumstances where sa_rwt was
not being called. Patch from
#1267 by Paul Johnston.
* CatWalk now handles customized addRemoveName in SO. #911 by Joost
* using base64.decodestring in visitor.py for 2.3 compatibility.
#1279 by Paul Fisher.
* Config file in quickstarted app now has config option to load
identity classes. Thanks to Felix
Schwarz #1255.
* Identity now supports encrypted passwords with unicode characters.
Thanks to Felix Schwarz and
Patrick Lewis #1281
* minor changes to template so they work properly when
server.webpath != / thanks to “nludban” #1213
* fix quickstart project tests, thanks to Christoph Zwerschke #1289,
Jeff Kowalczyk #1219
* fix TurboGears 1.0.1 not installable with python2.3, thanks to
“corvus” #1264
* Automatic creation of identity model tables for SQLAlchemy, thanks
to Christoph Zwerschke #1290
* fix DateTimeConverter, thanks to iberonesia #1262
* ModelDesigner? now write up-to-date model header
* decouple turbogears.identity.encrypt_password() from sqlobject
* remove class_mapper dependency from #1292, thanks chrisz

*Project Updates*

* ez_setup.py version to 0.6c5
* Not require cElementTree, pysqlite in Python 2.5 install
* FormEncode version to i18n aware 0.7.1
* RuleDispatch to 0.5a0.dev-r2303 for Python 2.5 support.
* Added requirement of DecoratorTools due to upgrade of PyProtocols
deprecates functions used in decorator.py.


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OlDer, спасибо за новость :)
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