dmitrypavlov19 Апрель 2013 18:57

удаленная работа , любая страна
2-5 лет

We are looking for experienced Django developer for full-time (or part-time) remote contract work. Toptal helps you connect with great companies to work on cool projects. We handle all the customer finding, customer billing side for you so that all you need to care about is doing great code. We also take away the worry of customers that won’t pay you as we guarantee your payment.


  • — Strong English (able to communicate by voice)
  • — Strong development experience with Django, Python, web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery), SQL, etc... - common Django stack of technologies
  • — Remote work experience would be a plus

How to apply:

As part of our standard process, please send us an email with ypour answers for the following questions:

1. Are you available for Full-Time or Part-Time projects with our clients? If PT - how much hours/day?

2. Do you have time over the next few days to qualify with us? (see below about our process)

3. What is your hourly rate (rate you are ready to work for)?

4. How would you rate your verbal English on a scale from 1 to 5?

5. What is your Skype ID?

6. What is your strongest coding language/technologies/platforms?

7. Please provide the details about your professional background. Please send all applicable:

- CV file in English

- LinkedIn,

- GitHub,

- oDesk,

- StackOverflow,

- Your IT blog,

- open source projects you participate in,

- any other public profiles / links proving your professional background

In short, our application process is:

1. online codility test (3 tasks, 90 mins)

2. quick skype call to check your English (5-10 mins)

3. your registration in our system (~ 30mins)

4. our main technical interview (60+ mins) - you do step with our guy in Skype (screen sharing, might include coding tasks)

5. signing the contract

6. applying to the project and start working

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Dmitry Pavlov

Developer & Recruiter at TopTal


skype: pavlovdmitry