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Berlin , Germany
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About the Job

We are seeking a Python Web Developer (Back end) to work for one of the most innovative and ambitious companies in Berlin! We would especially like to speak to python backend web developers with experience of working for start-up organisations and real-time communications.

Role requirements:

  • 1. You must know Python inside out
  • 2. Have worked with Django or similar python web framework
  • 3. Experience with Twisted
  • 4. Exposure to OOP/functional, data structures, algorithms etc…
  • 5. Knows and can talk about web issues such as API design, security, scalability and data management.
  • 6. Experience working with relational and no-sql databases

Candidate Qualifications and Skills:

  • 1. Strong experience in Real-time communications
  • 2. Over 3 years working with back end web technologies
  • 3. Experience working with revision control systems such as svn/git/mercurial
  • 4. Strong understanding of prototypal inheritance, Object Orientated Programming
  • 5. Experience of working in working with Linux operating systems
  • 6. Open Source contributions is a bonus

If this sounds like you and you are excited by the thought of joining an innovative company where you can progress your career, please apply ASAP!