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Espoo , Finland
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We are software development and venture builder company based in Helsinki, Finland. We build and commercialise Web services. One of our most promising ventures has around 10 000 business customers and is growing fast.

Currently, we are looking for talented freelancers and web-developers who are willing to work together with us on current and future projects. If you cannot apply right now, but you are still interested, please DO Contact us!

Please note, that moving to Finland (at least at this stage) is required.

Salary: depending on your skills, we have very experienced developers and even second year students. So, please feel free make a proposal of your desired salary.

Office: Provided, plus bunch of cool people to work with

Project Duration (this is for freelancers): Depending on the project size, starting from 3 months to becoming one of the co-founders.

Project start, job starts: As soon as possible, multiple projects

Projects would involve Python/Flask/JS/PostgreSQL/SQLAlchemy


Freelancers: http://www.fastmonkeys.com/careers/freelancers/

Job applicants:


For further detailes, do not hesitate to contact me,