nryumin22 Июнь 2015 16:49

Saint Petersburg , Russia
полная занятость
2-5 лет
Hi! We are developing a new corporate application and are looking for strong developers to join our team. Out technology stack consists of: - CouchDB backend (no-sql DB, coding in js, 2600 lines of code) - Python based API (flask, about 10k lines of code) - AngularJS frontend (bootstrap, angular coded in coffeescript are the main components, 5300 lines of coffee, 5600 html) - The development environment resides in Docker. The main challenges at the moment are CouchDB (it requires a very different thinking about algorithms than standard SQL, coding itself is easy if you know js) and the API (which requires clean-up, simplification and more consistency). We are working in a very agile and distributed way, i.e., part of the team is located in Zurich, Switzerland, part of it in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our goals are clear, but we constantly work together on making the product better (user friendly, efficient, secure) and have a long list of desired features. skype: nikish_ryumin