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Production capacity is an important index measuring the performance of ore milling equipment as it has a direct relationship with the selection of all the parameters in the design of this crusher machine, such as the determination of its motor power, and it is also an important basis of the selection of crusher model. For this reason, how to determine the production capacity of ore milling equipment has great practical significance. Seen from the crushing and discharging mechanism of double roller crusher, we can know that double roll crushing machine has strong gripping property and forced discharging property, which is different from that of common roll crusher, for this reason, we cannot simply use the computational formula for production capacity of common roller crusher. In addition, when the rotating speed of roller is fixed, the production capacity of teeth roll crusher is determined by the ability of gear roller biting materials in the running process. When the rotary phase position of the two rollers opposite to the gear ring maintains unchanged, this ability is determined by two factors, one is the geometrical shape of the teeth, which means the area of the closed polygon formed by the front and rare two pairs of teeth, and the other one is the property of materials, the easier the materials can be crushed, the closer the biting amount every time will be to the maximum value allowed by the geometrical construction of the tooth roll. Allowed for part materials will leak from the gap of the teeth, which should be made up, we can calculate the production capacity of ore milling equipment with the following formula: Q = 60mknAl +3600VFU, thereunto, m refers to the number of teeth on the ring gear circumference, k refers to ore characterization factor, n refers to the rotating speed of the pin roll, A refers to the area of the closed polygon formed by the front and rare two pairs of teeth, l refers to the length of the teeth along the axial direction of the ring gear, V refers to the average linear speed of the crushing roll, F refers to the area of materials going through the crushing roll and U refers to the coefficient of volumetric expansion of materials. When F is 0.25 and 0.4, we can get the upper and lower limit of the production capacity of double roller crusher, which can provide theoretical basis for the project design of new type of ore milling equipment.