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PyS60 1.3.15


Changes in 1.3.15 from 1.3.14:

* added access_points() method to socket module that list AP's id's and name that
are available.

* apid can be given as a paremeter for creating socket object, so that it will not
popup access point selection list when connection will be made.
socket(family, type, proto=0, apid=0):

Corrected defects:

1599203: “No codec search functions registered”

1446359: bt_console.py does not handle UnicodeError

1544601: ASCII decoding error in e32dbm

1481937: crash when calling set_list on graphical listbox

1446275: time.sleep(),e32.ao_sleep fail for >=2148 seconds sleep

1446364: socket.recv() on UDP socket returns too much data

1595162: N70 front camera not taking picture

1599704: calendar: default db opening if no contact added


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