The new tutorial Python 3.5 is now available to learn from scratch in Python already. Now the time to install Python on your computer. Must download the installer from the site official of Python.

Here follow the steps to install the version for Windows python-2.5.2.

Download the version for the processor x 86. We have on our computer file to make the local installation of Python python-2.5.2. msi.

  • Executed it the first dialog asks if installed only for us or for all users on the computer (can leave the option selected for all users) and click 'Next'.
  • The second form of the wizard allows us to select the drive where the language is installed. Let default which proposes the installer: c:\Python25\
  • The third step allows us to select or remove modules that come with Python (extensions, documentation etc.), we will leave default to install all.
  • Finally we have installed the Python language in our team.
  • Now to encode those programs will use an editor that is installed together with the language Python, from the menu of options can access to the editor called: IDLE

    Actually it first that appears is a window called Python Shell where can run instructions in form unit:

    E.g. write:

    print ' Hello world '

    But our objective fundamental is the creation of programs or modules complete in Python, for this select in this window from the menu of options File-> New Window.

    Now we do have the editor provided by Python to encode our programs.

    Write an application very simple:

    import random

    def mostrarnumeros():

    for x in range (7):

    value = random. randint (1,100)

    print value


    It recorded in our disc hard (for example and from the menu of options select Run-> Run Module, if have typed correctly the program will have the result in the window "Python Shell".

    The following concepts we see issues that can not be executed directly on the site PythonYa, so you have the Python language locally on your computer is essential for testing.