Django будет участвовать в программе Google Summer of Code 2008.
Список идей предложенных авторами Django для воплощения в рамках данной программы:

* Work on a database backend for some database not yet supported by Django – MSSQL, Firebird, DB2, etc. In most of these cases work has already begun (FIXME: add some links), so this project would involve a fair amount of interaction with an existing development team. Along the way you'd need to fix any bugs in Django itself that prevent use with said backend.

* Add ORM aggregation support.

* Improve static page support in the built-in webserver. Make it useful for testing sites that may include CSS.

* Template language improvements including:
o Namespaces for templates (fixing the template parser, filter expressions and load tag to use namespaces)
o Generic Overlays for the Template DOM and/or Overlays for block tag
o … etc

* Complete implementation of multi-db support

* Add support for fields spanning multiple columns and/or multiple-column primary keys.

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